Sony Cybershot error message "Turn the power off and on again".

For all of you that have "Turn the power off and on again", here is what I found.

There is a motor assembly that is part of the lens assembly in the camera. Inside this motor assembly there are a few custom gears that are hard to find. When a gear gets damaged, the camera is able to detect the motor spinning and monitor that the lens is not moving. This causes that error message to display on the screen.

Depending on the extent of the damage of the gear and which gear broke (their are two typical ones, which are replaceable), some users may be able to get passed this occasionally. This can occur if only 1 tooth of the gear is broke. Eventually the teeth next to the broken tooth will break because of how the gears are connected to each other. This usually can be noticed by a grinding noise when you turn on the camera. If all you hear is a motor humming, then one of the gears is damaged as well.

Unfortunately, the fix depends on how the gears where damaged. If the gears were damaged because the camera was dropped on its lens, it could be possible that the lens itself is now crooked and even replacing the gears will not fix the problem (the lens will physically get stuck and redamage the replacement gears). If the gears broke over normal use (which is what happen to me), they can be replaced and all should work again.

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